Our strong points

Integration with Home

Based upon the market's actual requirements, LIFE brings its solution even further, forecasting the need of increasing interaction with the "domotics" of tomorrow: from closures to lighting, from air-conditioning to eletrical appliances.

Total reliability

The LIFE quality starts from its designing phase and is guaranteed by using the best components and by an accurate engineering; more, it is certified by the best-known certifying bodies, in accordance with international provisions.

Innovative services

This new system allows the management and the personalization of the plants through the aid of a sofware installed on Pc and a portable programmer. For the management, the best to use, is the Vip 2R and Vip 4R trassmitters. Each programmer will be able to manage more than 10.000 systems, a variety of 950 remote controls for a two channel receiver and 750 for a four channel receiver.

Advanced solutions

LIFE products are created throughout the sinergy between two different specialized R&D departments, one in charge of electronics and the other of mechanical parts, both engaged in developing the most innovative solutions available: LIFE's mission is to "make difference" in the world of automation.

Simplified installation

With LIFE, even the most evolved and complicated system become easy to install, thanks to a wide range of solutions been allready foreseen during the designing phase. More, easy to follow and detailed installing instruction are supplied: therefore, installer save time, they make the best of their work and achieve the best professional results.

Overall safety

At LIFE safety is a basic value that underlies each project or solution, expressed through preventing ant incovenience via sophisticated electronic system and through the inaccessible remote control codes, which protect in time the client's investment.