Life Store

LIFE products are created throughout the synergy between two different specialized R&D departments, one in charge of electronics and the other of mechanical parts, both engaged in developing the most innovative solutions available: LIFE's mission is to "make a difference" in the world of automation. LIFE is to be part of a large group, to pursue great targets, to work closely in touch with the client, to always dream of new solutions, abandoning the old to understand and interpret the product to trespass into unreal in order to create reality, pleasure and beauty. The password is security thanks to the well planed devices. Everything is created to give balance and precision.

  • pile

    Fleece top edition

    Sizes M, L, XL
  • adesivo

    Sticker sign for window or veichle display

    Available in 10 pcs lots
  • demo-gate

    Demo gate

  • expo-banco

    Counter display

  • life-blocchi

    Writing pads

    Available in 50 pcs lots
  • life-borsa

    Plastic bags

    Available in 50 pcs lots
  • life-cappello

    Baseball caps

    One size only
  • life-gilet

    Multifunction working jacket

    Sizes M, L, XL
  • life-scotch

    Packing Sellotape

    Available in 36-roll packs
  • life-tshirt2

    Cotton t-shirt long/short sleeve

    Sizes M, L, XL
  • life-vino

    Prosecco DOC by Vigne Matte

    Available in 6 btl boxes
  • luminosa-piccola

    Neon light sign for shop

  • luminosa-grande

    Neon light sign for shop

  • penne

    Ball point pens

    Available in 50 pcs lots