Information on the processing of your personal data according to section 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, Personal Data Protection Code.

Please be informed that for the beginning and completion of the ongoing business relationship with you, our company possesses data concerning you, qualified as personal data by Legislative Decree 196/2003 – Personal Data Protection Code. Said code provides that data controllers shall provide the concerned parties information about the controlled data and some of the elements qualifying the data processing procedure: this must be done with honesty and lawfulness protecting your privacy and your rights. Please find said information below:

Nature of the processed data

The personal, fiscal as well as economic data we are processing, are necessary for the development of the contract relationship with you. Concerning the business relationship with you, our company shall process data classified as “sensitive” by the law, in that they are suitable for detecting for example: a) a general health condition (absence due to illness, maternity, accidents or compulsory training period) suitability or non-suitability for certain tasks (certified by physicians after precautionary/periodical medical examinations or directly requested by you); b) membership in unions (taking posts and/or requiring deductions for union membership quota), membership in a political party or appointment of elective public offices (working time reduction or leave), religious beliefs (religious holidays granted by law);

Aim of data processing

Your data will be processed according to contract requirements, legal and fiscal fulfilments, in order to easily manage commercial and financial relationships. Your data will be processed for the validity of the contract and even after, in order to fulfill legal financial and commercial obligations.

Modality of data processing

Personal data are processed by means of adequate tools and procedures, in order to guarantee your safety and privacy, in printed and computing form for the performance of contractual and lawful obligations.

Duty or right to provide personal data

As for the data we are obliged to be aware of in order to meet the requirements set by European laws and regulations, or by dispositions provided by authorities legitimized by law and by supervision and control bodies, please be informed that the non-submittal of compulsory data makes it impossible to establish a business relationship. The non-submittal of non-compulsory data will be evaluated from time to time and the resulting decisions to be taken, will take into account the importance of the required and non-provided data for our organization management.

Access to personal data

Apart from the data communication and spreading in Italy and/or abroad in compliance with law obligations, data may be communicated within the EU or non-EU to: auditing companies, credit institutions, information companies, trading companies, professionals and consultants, transportation companies, agencies, TLC services requiring the transferring of data for the completion of activities requested by the concerned subject, managers, administrators and auditors, sales representatives, internal protocol and secretary offices.

Communication and data dissemination

We will not disclose your data, meaning we will not communicate them in any way to unknown subjects, even making them available or examinable to them. We are entitled to communicate, meaning make them available to one or more determined subjects, under the following terms and conditions: to subjects entitled to access data by dispositions of European laws or legislations, within the terms of law; to subjects needing to access your data for reasons not falling within the business relationship between us, only within the limits necessary to perform auxiliary tasks; to our consultants, within the limits necessary to perform their tasks in our company, upon letter of appointment imposing privacy and safety duties, such as, by way of example (Inps, Inail, employment provincial office, tax offices, welfare and social security funds, medical offices in compliance with the obligations concerning safety and health on the workplace, insurance companies, credit institutions, unions in which you cover specific positions, supplementary funds, business organizations the company belongs to).

Your rights

Please find here below a part of section 7 of decree law 196/2003 concerning your rights:

  • • To obtain confirmation as to weather or not your personal data exist, regardless of their being already recorded, and communication of such data in intelligible form;
  • • To obtain information about the source, purposes and methods of the processing;
  • • To obtain information about the logic applied to the processing, if it is carried out with the aid of electronic devices;
  • • To obtain updating, rectification or, where interested therein, integration of the data;
  • • To obtain the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully;
  • • To obtain the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed;
  • • To obtain the certification to the effect that the updating, rectification, integration, erasure, anonymization or blocking of data have been notified, as also related to their contents, to the entities to whom or which the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared with the right that is to be protected;
  • • To object, in whole or in part, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of Your personal data, even though they are relevant to the purpose of the collection;
  • • To object, in whole or in part, to the processing of Your personal data, where it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or else for the performance of the market or commercial communication surveys.

Data controller and processor

Life Home Integration srl is the controller and processor, the personal data of which are provided in the Contact page.